Breaking Digital Gridlock: Fintech Academy

The Breaking Digital Gridlock training series is designed to help your organization make the transition to digital services by understanding your people, process, technology, culture, security, and strategy.

Digital transformation involves your Culture People Technology Security Process Strategy and most of all YOU!

This course is broken into 6 distinct sections


The most important aspect of any organization is its people and its culture. Your people are the key to breaking the gridlock.


Eventually, every process in your organization will be digitized, and as a result, your digital processes will reflect your analog processes.


 Key revolution in the banking industry will come from the cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain and sovereign identity. 


Accessing and adjusting your culture is the most important step in your digital transformation process. Take steps now to create an innovative culture.


The future of data security is sovereign identity, using decentralization. Identity is strategic high ground. 


Understanding the threats and opportunities that exist can help organizations keep up with digital changes. 

The Author


John Best is an expert in financial technology, and a highly sought-after speaker for financial conferences.


A thought-leader and “outside the box” innovator recognized throughout the FinTech arena, with a particular affinity for credit unions, John is the founder and CEO of the financial technology firm Best Innovation Group (BIG), which focuses on industry-wide code sharing and API prototype development. He speaks regularly at industry events, hosts a weekly FinTech podcast and facilitates a highly interactive financial technology forum.

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