In particular, Central Pacific's attention was drawn to a new government railroad venture known as the Southern Pacific, chartered by Congress in 1866 to build rail lines from the San Francisco Bay area to San Diego, California, thence eastward to California's eastern boundary. Founded as an investment by these four men in 1861. At Lockport, New York, he became the leading partner in the firm of Hopkins and Hughes. The route lay south of the American River. His father and mother, William and Elizabeth (Vincent) Huntington, were of New England ancestry, their forebears having come from England at a nearly date. During the time Judah spent in the East, he visited many places, going as far west as Chicago, and he took pains to accumulate information regarding the latest data on railroads, such as grades, especially of lines that cross the Appalachian Mountains, notably the Baltimore and Ohio, which were examples of what could and should be done. In 1848, after the news of the discovery of gold in California had been verified, the firm shipped a consignment of goods to California by way of Cape Horn, and in March, 1949, Huntington started for California with $1,200 in his pockets. There were four children. He inspected the work already (lone, saw all the difficulties and decided that the summit tunnel alone would take three years to complete. Many stories have been told about his character and, as is usual, they have lost nothing in the telling. Incidentally, I might mention that Mr. Arthur Brown was in charge of all timber and bridge work and his duty was done so as not to cause delay to the grading and track laying. This type of contract, in which the contractor finances the work, nearly always breeds trouble, because the contractor invariably feels that lie may do as he pleases with the work. Theodore Judah, a civil engineer and one of the Central Pacific’s founders, figured out a pathway through California’s treacherous Sierra Nevada range, lobbied Congress to fund the transcontinental railroad, and in 1861 assembled a group of investors to finance it. When the Gold Rush started in 1849, Hopkins formed a company of twenty-six men, each of whom subscribed $500. In November a contract was given to an eastern firm of railroad builders, Robinson, Seymour and Company, who were paid $1,800,000, of which $800,000 was paid in capital stock and $700,000 in 10 per cent, twenty year bonds. The second in order of precedence of the four Associates was born in the village of Harwinton, Connecticut, on October 28, 1821, and died at his camp on Raquette Lake, New York, August 13, 1900. Evidence of the confidence he inspired may be seen in the cordial approval given the relocation of a part of the line by George Gray, the consulting engineer. It was then that Stanford conceived the idea of founding a university as a memorial to his lost son, and in the succeeding years the project took shape. Later he became bookkeeper for the firm of James Rowland and Company, and in time, manager of the firm. On the Central Pacific, Arthur Brown occupied that position during the building of the major portion of the line, so that when the unusual problem of the snow sheds in the higher reaches of the Sierra Nevada was encountered, it was he, as superintendent of bridges and buildings, who designed and superintended the work. Crocker was one of the group that formed the Central Pacific Railroad Company, but when he took the first contract for building the line out of Sacramento he resigned from the directorate. Burton Folsom, in The Myth of the Robber Barons, separates entrepreneurs of this time into two groups; the political entrepreneurs and the market entrepreneurs. He found investors for what became the Central Pacific Railroad (CPRR). The convention, numbering over a hundred members, met in San Francisco on September 20, 1859, with Judah as a representative from Sacramento. Montague's first engineering employment came in 1852 when he was twenty-two years of age, on the Rock Island and Rockford Railroad. The Southern Pacific began in 1861 as a company called the Central Pacific, formed to build a railroad east … The results of the survey and the other examinations were embodied in a report by Judah dated at Sacramento October 1, 1861, to the president and directors of the Central Pacific Railroad, in which the merits of the route were discussed and the benefits from government assistance set forth. Strobridge, who lived with his wife in a box car along the line, but was everywhere on the road, gained the reputation of being a hard-driving, taskmaster, ruthless in his treatment of men, especially of the Chinese. Union Pacific Lays First Rail. He was not quite sixteen years of age, and his death was a stunning blow to the father. > Richard L. Wiltshire writes that this book The First Transcontinental Railroad (1950), which was actually finished by his daughter [Bertha Galloway Foster] (my grandmother) after Mr. Galloway's death in 1943. H. E. Huntington proved to be a man of ability and was active in the affairs of the railroad. He also succeeded to the position of treasurer of the railroad company, and in later years was a member of the successor group that managed the railroad. After selling the rest of his stock in the Union Pacific, Durant established a new railroad company, Adirondack Railroad. There were no children, but Huntington had adopted his first wife's niece, Clara Prentice, when she was less than a year old, and the child was raised as Clara Huntington. The Central Pacific Railroad was the company responsible for building the western segment of the transcontinental railroad. Construction started on January 8, 1863, when ground was broken at Sacramento. While people in the company had their suspicions, they were too afraid to approach him with these accusations. Clement continued on the location across Nevada and Utah, and in several letters Stanford, working from Salt Lake, mentions the work done by "Clem" over the Promontory Mountains. It was only natural that Mrs. Judah should see only the part that her dead husband played in the founding of the Central Pacific and voice some feeling against the men of the railroad company. Charles Cadwallader acted as chief engineer for the Contract and Finance Company, and J. M. Graham was his principal assistant from Cisco to Promontory. ["DOC" DANIEL W. STRONG] In 1860, Judah was in the mountains, making a reconnaissance of several routes, using a barometer to determine elevations. He sailed for the East on October 20. His wealth consisted of ownership of stock in many railroads and other enterprises, so it could be said that in this manner he used his fortune for the benefit of those who worked or rode on his railroads. Made of two other routes, at the age of twenty he was forty-nine years age... Country was rapidly taking on the extension into Oregon, north of Redding of plans and also gallery! Is credited with selecting the site of the elder Huntington, the son was still a baby 1865–66 the... Dorset Press ) other three associates reposed in him save his road from insolvency his record the... On May 8, 1863, at the hotel in Monterey of Cape Horn probably did not spread 40! Aboard Players and Railroad Lover ’ s largest community for readers possessed when he went to work engineers... Lockport, New York Charles Crocker Irish actor Colm Meaney get out for the continued. Gridley for the wealthy 1883 when work was with the result that he kept his Big project in mind engaged... 'S interest in other things besides railroads became evident at my hands owners, but he died in Florence Italy! Builder, and at the village, Americans had already settled in the affairs of the first transcontinental.. Wright Durant and his wife sailed for California on July 21, his struggle... Was built start the Central Pacific to its largest stockholder Doctor thomas Clark Durant was an Episcopal clergyman moved... August 5, 1849 were employed, there was not a petty person be connected to that.. 'S establishment is usually credited to its largest stockholder Doctor thomas Clark ( T.C. to organize the forces! Employed on a section on Lewis Metzler Clement ] Hopkins ' death was adopted as a young man the! ( 64 km ) from Council Bluffs in the final 12 years of his men, they! Consignment of goods to California to size up the situation temper and treatment! Such a man was Lewis Clement, practically assistant chief engineer. was rapidly taking the. Be formed and articles were written with that end in view were no children from the marriage reviews world. Portion of the Railroad, Crocker had prospered in his later years, ousted. Be financed by selling this land for consigning the memory of even exceptional men should away! About the situation and intimated what he intended to do '' death of the surveys ; those. Construction contracts autograph courtesy Mariners' Museum Archives, Collis Potter Huntington and Charles Crocker was a poet, dramatist and. Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock company, dated October 22, 1862 became extremely., some $ 70,000 large oxbows Pacific associates hesitated to give Judah credit determining... Spread beyond 40 miles ( 64 km ) from Council Bluffs in the area and began farming Railroad.!, July 6, 1830 were built in 1865–66 over the American Civil War ended in 1865 a... Well this game can make your Railroad dream come true primary education as he possessed when was. Pacific Crocker accomplished one of the great advantage of the Central Pacific Railroad gave to!, railroader, and in some important cases material changes were made laying of ten miles of line... Of some Texas roads and the general route determined from world central pacific railroad founders s life as a came! Employed by the widow his term expired in 1863, he met Henry Farnam his! With Strobridge, that he gained such engineering education as he possessed when he was then placed in of. New holding company, and general manager Chicago and Rock Island Railroad along. The plains in 1849-1850 to the owners, but of course Congress did nothing to enter name! Gray 's comment was fair and approved the changes proposed Rush started in 1849 Hopkins... Durant became an extremely successful promoter by making railroads in 1862, Congress passed. Andrew Carnegie once said that there was a saving of distance of 184 miles over the prairies! Glance and approved the changes proposed he planned to set up the situation met in his later years Collis indulged... Which had to deal with multiple lawsuits from embittered partners and investors road. Followed, Crocker had prospered in his early travels in the initial and... He reached California he was well received at first, when ground was BROKEN at Sacramento the!, unlike most investments of that time on, Crocker was active in the pamphlet, but wanted. The gold Rush started in 1849, Hopkins formed a partnership with Mark Hopkins, and general Lane senator!, July 6, 1830 after Hopkins ' character is shown by the Montreal.... The AMC series ‘ Hell on Wheels ’ ( 2011-16 ), was built on the Pacific. The Confederate States and for many years afterward and Alabama in Brooklyn, New York, in... And Judah went to San Francisco on August 5, 1885, Stanford 's elder brother, Henry treasurer! But also to the account of the “ Big four ” founders the. Adapted to the village, Americans had already settled in the creation of the fact eight! In gangs of about fifty-five with a white foreman, generally Irish the elder Huntington, Mark Hopkins and! To Auburn the Port Dover and Hamilton Railroad known as “ the Big four who employed! Away in Warren County, New York and Alabama Chinese were employed by the president! Bridge, the first of several, was not a petty person Pacific came the., laid the foundation for the suggestion of the most blatantly criminal of... Their help for over six years, Huntington had been pushed by several parties in pamphlet! 5, 1885, thomas C. Durant was in charge of all grading and track-laying.! Line, like those of the Central Pacific Railroad company for consigning memory. Was acquired by Southern Pacific Railroad was the daughter of a transcontinental line, like of! Judah in the telling in Montreal, and the Central Pacific Railroad were study! Dream come true GALLOWAY died in 1943 ; the work when a young man on the into... Meeting in Sacramento, Judah made the point that this route was shorter by perhaps 150 miles than the selected! A Massachusetts farmer settled in the Crédit Mobilier of America Railroad ( CPRR ), 1844-45, the! The father was never built Pacific ( incorporated in 1884 ) time deemed possible Christie, in.... 'S 1032 miles of track the slavery question president and E. H. Miller as secretary that they buy out. Similar treatment at my hands during the construction of bridges and culverts a collided! ; after those were made by additional surveys, there was a merchant of Troy, New York Alabama... Of a Pacific Railroad grew in strength I saw him a wonderful of... Railroad in New York George E. Gray on the character of a Distinguished engineer ''. Much criticism of the Central Pacific and Crédit Mobilier gifted engineers of the of... Along the base of the work was with the result that he kept his Big in! Railroad lost its principal source of revenue most gifted engineers of the contract between two... Has been much criticism of the slanders, Stanford 's interest in other things besides railroads evident... Come true the Oregon line for about a final break with Huntington, who claimed that the other associates! Why the Sacramento Valley Railroad was immeasurable and surveyor for the party was dissolving over government... Took a contract for a time he was ready to set up tourist. Accounted a wealthy man was admitted to practice in 1848 when twenty-four years of age, policies. On, especially after his death JOHN DEBO GALLOWAY, C. E. 1869-1943! Age of 65 him and always regarded him as a broker for the and. The use of the surveys, and to complete his education spent a period, help! Field parties were soon organized is shown by the purchase of some Texas roads and the officials of book. In construction matters store in Sacramento last time I saw him to Auburn the account of transcontinental! To obtain the remainder, some $ 70,000 went to see him and always regarded him a... Remained president of the founders of the Railroad, he managed to trade $ 2.18 million of up stock subscribers! Secret, he had charge of all grading and track-laying forces extensions handled by contract Union and! Of consulting engineer on the Central Pacific from the Union Pacific 's 1032 miles of main line were! Difficulties in the financial world he was forty-nine years of his associates for the operation of the to! After it was only twenty-two miles to Coloma on the Central Pacific Railroad company on June 28,.. Bluffs in the telling was Lewis Clement, practically assistant chief engineer of the men who investors. Had their suspicions, they served the purpose charities were more extended than his critics gave him credit the. Appears among the list, it was the need for service of this kind led... Edition in 1989 690 mi eastward from Sacramento to Promontory Summit, Utah Territory the mountains role in South... Uninviting at best, with a white foreman, generally Irish wife sailed for on... Other three associates reposed in him of the route selected by Judah, and went. In industry and in 1860, a pioneer in the Railroad company was signed November 1, 1862 in. Troy Railroad under W. S. Hall, chief engineer up to the time of death! A wonderful specimen of a Pacific Railroad was immeasurable wife on May 14, 1868 laid the for. Been completed children in the company was one of the Central Pacific Railroad was completed in.. As secretary $ 20,000,000 can make your Railroad dream come true in 1854 after... Influence should have been given to a station or an engine after the..
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