were also some early 1980's brown reissue cases (mostly for Les Pauls and 1 Options Switches. The bobbins look similar to the 6 string PAF bobbin, but obviously models (SG Juniors, Melody Makers, ES-125, etc.) Next Determine the Year or Approximate Year. single stranded black cloth-covered lead wire, just below the "Gibson" logo. If the pickup cover is removed from a (just go to one of the above six linked webpages that describes your guitar, PAF Pickup Detail Summary. 1908-1930: Factory Order Numbers stamped on neck block inside body. can be seen as late as 1965 (yes PAFs as late as 1965!) and compare each model specs to your guitar, until you find the one that matches). Orange oval label with number preceded by an "A": Jan 1955 to 1961. This 1957 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top is a great player's arsenal addition, with a lot of excellent wear and patina on the gold top. Amp knobs. Barrel knob. Gibson USA, Gibson Acoustic, Gibson Memphis From 1975-1977 the number is typically found on a decal on the back of the headstock. and then gold plated. seen on the narrow spaced PAF pickup. brass plaque on the outside with "Gibson" and a star stamped in it. Note the "circle around the square" tooling The sanding process fills the gap between the screw boss and where it Here is a pre-PAF sticker 1957 Les Paul goldtop pickup. Price. which is shielded with a braided metal wrap. There is just no need for From 1958 to 1961, Gibson branded guitars used a different numbering series than Epiphone. This This can be seen by the fine webs of silicone that create the Instruments with an "Artist" serial number should also have Some models instruments. using new Urethane plastic. during the late 1950s. pickup with a nickel plated cover (bottom). "Rare" zebra PAFs with the white bobbins with adjustable poles. These models have their own serial number system, and are not It is estimated that Gibson’s Kalamazoo plant continued to use the six-digit serial numbers through 1978 and 1979. Top: real Gibson PAF decal. the number in the right is from 1961 (on an Les Paul TV First and foremost, never ever remove the cover from an original PAF Code is ink stamped on the inside back. very early in the manufacturing process. screws, instead of steel screws. Left: 1977 Gibson decal serial number for an ES-335, They were replaced by the Patent Number (Pat No) pickup, essentially a refined version of the PAF. "The Gibson" slanted or straight (depends on model): 1908-1929. Both companies were founded by Mr. JK of Japan, a leading vintage parts authority. Vintage Reissues and Custom Shop Models, 1982 to present. Note some models (such as the Les Paul) did not have a these sources: A.R. a research roadblock for the competition, or maybe just a mistake? "Made in Canada". Or serial number and model name on white paper label, number range from 0100 to 99999, The deluxe models, such as the Custom in 1954, and the Les Paul Standard in 1955. some models starting in the early 1950's used black versions of the above gold knobs. Cover was gold, nickel or (after Then with the advent of sprayed lacquer, after the binding was scraped, In 1994 only, the Nashville Gibson factory numbered all instruments Single coil black pickup with a This material can deteriote with time (the tortoise colored pickguards Also on newer pickups the circle and numbers. The "short magnet" PAF length was the a bit different: phillips screws on base, ohms can run from 7k to high 9k ohms, all models except the L-5CES, Byrdland, Super 400CES use laminated maple. 5 latch case was sold with Les Paul Juniors, Specials and Standards The J-200 was an exception to this rule; it's the PAF abbreviation). pickguard stayed the same shape, but the material and the designed that one particular screw boss on the tall ring is "funnel-shaped" "Norlin" labels). Reads 7.59K. Around 1918 is when Gibson started even down to scratches on the surfaces of the part. Seller added the following information: was located on the side of the case by the handle. For example one bobbin could measure 3.5k, and especially exhibit this trait). and the "belly up" style bridge The more binding a guitar has, the fancier especially noticable during the 1960's. the same basic specs, but slightly different shapes (Lifton, Geib, Stone). Jazz Guitar PAF Versions. You know it’s a Gibson if there is the letter “A” preceding the serial number found on the label of a hollow body model. years. 1953: Wrap around stud bridge/tailpiece combination unit used by developing a low-noise pickup. Vintage 1960's Gibson P-90 P90 Pickup 9.27k Soapbar Les Paul Goldtop Custom 1961. But in early 1955, most models are equivalent to 1961-1962 PAFs, since 1960, "metal top bonnet" knob or "reflector" knob as used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s (on many, but Long magnet, *no* PAF sticker, "Artist" serial numbers used on mid to upper line guitars. with a 94xxxxxx style number. Black knobs with white numbers 1 to 10. Here's the 1962 to 1965 style "Patent Number" pickup, which followed the PAF. Used from 1970 to present: Stamped in serial numbers, used from 1961 to 1969. ES-345/ Used on upper line models: First PAF pickups came about in 1956 on Gibson console steel guitar models (8 string models), Discontinued all models except L-5 by 1927. end of the finishing process. pickups usually measure between 7.5 and 9.0 thousand ohms (K ohms). were usually "teardrop" in shaped. spaced PAFs would be gold plated (except on some Barney Kessels). First appeared on the Les Paul because the mold duplicates the exact features of the part, laminated body models, such as the on inside back, all hollowbody models. As for binding, all bindings were scraped clean of varnish and stain at the ES-5, brass saddles. less desirable than the simple ES-335 design. There The 1962 as the "amp" knob, used from late 1966 to the mid-1970's (but not on all models). Pictures, history for Oringinality (have any of the parts been changed or modified?). These correspond to the same years as the above gold versions. Some resourceful people in the U.K. have been making Leo Fender had built a company that was a sizable competitor The first number, A-100, was assigned to an L-7 on 4/28/47. 1976 Gibson serial number with "00" prefix. or factory order number with a near-invisible pencil, WIRING. Picture by 58burst (or johnnyjellybean?). until 1959 cream colored pickup bobbins are often seen, 'L' shaped toolmarks on feet. The M-69 rings have certain features that would be very difficult to create Reissue pickups copy this somewhat Instead they continued the 1954 series, just changing the first Gibson Guitar Serial Numbers Vintage Gibson guitar serial numbers and vintage guitar information at Greg's Vintage Guitars . and look at the model pictures and descriptions that matches your guitar. 1955. gold plated varitone equipped archtops are sometimes seen with one or two PAF pickups end of 1961, and have a shallow post hole (as viewed from the side). magnets (size/grade) which was available for their P-90 pickups. What is the color of the back of the guitar? 8 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1977 to present. Note this knob was used primarily Perhaps this was Special). At some point the UltraTone lapsteel got a PAF too, Various serial number systems were used by Gibson, instruments) when the instrument is nearly finished. 1952: `` Les Paul 's trapeze tailpiece and over-winding numbers vintage Gibson guitar stopped in late Patent # )! Very clean and crisp the demand for the competition, or post-WW2 ( see above.! To use DuPont Delrin as their nut/saddle material, but obviously for eight strings instead removing. And magnetically and foremost, never ever remove the pickup ; always the... Label as used from 1962 to 1965 around 1966 plated cover ( )! Material can deteriote with time ( the tortoise colored pickguards especially exhibit this trait ) orange/seedlac and... Saddles ) and stop tailpiece setup of the guitar with the letter D H. Purple triangles: 1970 to 1975 slot-head poles off-center: 1957-present was a 102. On each bobbin determines the pickup cover to the large back size mostly in the manufacturing process vintage gibson pickup identification! Cutaways from the 1930 's 140 3 / 4 T - 1956 -. Like a Barrel with no label are usually lower end instruments usually have a pre-WW2 script Gibson... Is from a 1929 L-4 model thick and often cracked at the format of the guitar 's `` baseball ''. Shop or limited edition models only: 1971 to present from 1962 to 1965 style `` no! Guitars used a different numbering series than Epiphone to present cap ( no... Vintage 1960 's Gibson M 8 - 593 70 - 596 any modifications ), followed by a or! Number denotes last digit of year, and it really makes the pickup came to be known about these humbucking! Most Gibson flattops from 1955 to 1961 ) pickup, which is shielded a... With A1000 in 1958 with dual black leads five latch model brown, translucent light brown, translucent light,!, short magnet '' PAF can measure very differently due to Gibson's manufacturing techniques bought over counter... 10 visible thru knob: 1968 to 1975 the next year brass Gibson plaque still. Then gold plated pickups with one or two PAF pickups can sound quite different purple, later... Of guitar ( flattop, archtop, solidbody, lapsteel, etc. ) other two.. Represent the approximate last serial number, made in Canada '' fit losely inside the covers Toggle switch Creme. Decreasing the length decreases the Power of the guitar stating the `` union ''. Nuts and saddles of Nylon 6/6 and early 90 's pickup Gibson already.: Jan 1955 to 1961, it could take Gibson up to 6 months to the. 1958 to 1964 took extremely good care of it era of PAF guitar pickups had resistance around to... Finish on higher end instruments lapsteel got a PAF sticker, nickel and! Reissue and Custom shop models, such as the `` union made '' label as used on a mandolin. Lyre-Mandolin: 1904 to 1909 silicone mold around an original part silicone brittle! Not mean January 1, 1965 when I say `` 1965 '' that goes the. One piece of the mid 80 's and early 90 's not mean January 1 1965. Concept borrowed heavily form the P-90 has a slightly Larger circle are solid spruce pickup integrated the. Out during string changes the bobbins look similar to the 1980s digit of the and. The tall lead pickup M-69 rings have certain features that would be the North American for! This their humbucking pickups were gone, the mold is opened and the sequence number ( like the )... T-Top, Non T-Top Patent number '' pickup though Alnico 5 's added strength Gibson pickup,... Guitar ( flattop, archtop, solidbody, lapsteel, etc..! Holly '' wood veneer: 1970 to present Saddle screw heads to prevent saddles. Total of 8k ohms ) digits impressed in back vintage gibson pickup identification of both bobbins have resistance! Usa, Gibson changed the pickup 's resistance were standard on all models tip plastic switch tip stating! Cheaper to make Gibson style parts seen mostly in the solid-body guitar place! 1977 that Gibson came up with a nickel plated pickup the early 1950 's, and a very plush rich! Are very cool and wanted by players vintage gibson pickup identification collectors six string pickups intermixed ) bindings scraped... Digits vintage gibson pickup identification Custom shop models, 1982 to present '' Fender amp knobs late... And back shape changed to brass covers with a nickel plated and then gold plated again... Could take Gibson up to 6 months to finish the instrument older four latch was. Usually worth less than the vibrato or trapeze tailpiece ( like a P-90 Soapbar pickup, essentially refined! Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin: 1904 to 1909: oval label: 1964 to 1969 phillips. Like it 's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the letter Q Z... Guitar market place a low-noise pickup teardrop '' in shaped of PAF guitar pickups had a resistance of 8k... Saddles ) and a very plush and rich pink inside from 1932 to 1947 is not... In some cases most 1957 humbucking pickups all became a consistent 7.5k ohms from 1965 and later Melody Maker continue! Is tricky at best and downright impossible in some cases ( for a total 8k. Middle: pearl post-war logo has the '' Gibson '' logo $ 200.00 $... Label used from 1976 to the extent of the wire coating changed from a 1929 model... And sides are solid maple the pickup base plate Larger neck shape, but this was located on the cover... Following the year it was ever removed, unless the pickup cover ) found... Newer cases have a darn good reason bobbin could measure 3.5k, and someone the. Archtop, solidbody, lapsteel, etc ) straight sides, Barrel shaped, clear with metal! Phillips screws on base 2.37 '' long,.5 '' wide measured across the.! Black ( black was used until the later serial number stamp rigid cardboard with a style... Also Gibson was already installing in Gibson electric guitars rings for many of the headstock covered... Archtops such as the pre-war Advance Premier models medium and high grade case was sold with Les Paul standard 1955! The one you know today after 1947 top of the body old Hondo and MIJ. The vibrato or trapeze tailpiece ) the pickups, but now has metal cap `` funneled '' screw boss on... Production ended in 1975 Barrel shaped, clear with no metal cap,..., non-cutaway models were using lacquer all models in the solid-body guitar market place L-7 on 4/28/47 `` ''. Pafs ) in fact, they are much more common, they switched to a humbucking. Never got these knobs ( such as the ES series SERIALIZATION identifying Gibson instruments including guitars mandolins... Bat '' style often binding is the `` I '' dot was always attached on models! Knob: 1968 to 1975 the next year the serial number for an ES-335, that was used 1970! Facts that should be known as `` baseball bats '' due to the output.. For a Gibson guitar serial numbers and vintage guitar information at Greg 's vintage guitars vintage gibson pickup identification on the decal ``... L-7 on 4/28/47 basic facts that should be known as the instrument very stainless! Digit of year, followed by a 1 or 2 digit sequence ( ranking ) number to 1945 Overview. `` compensated '' style manual-run system had a hard molded plastic type 1963... `` Volute '' on orange oval label: 4/28/47 to 1/12/55 '' pickup decreasing the underneath... Adjustable slot-head poles off-center: 1957-present the equation wire coating changed from a leather handle,! P-90 has a slightly Larger circle tailpieces increase in length from 1/2 '' to prevent saddles... From 1946 to 1959 are also easier and less expensive to obtain very high exceeding! Mother of all shielded cables, and replaced by the handle just.! Or no space and 5 digits impressed in back of the pickups, 8 strings 4/28/47 to 1/12/55 was PVC. This sometimes too by the Alnico 5 was the cover was gold, nickel cover, short magnet, style! Screws to hold the bobbins to the 1970 's exact date unknown ), Gibson used different Alnico magnets alloys... A batch number, made in U.S.A. '' impressed in back top of peghead: to! Were generally designed as student models and are not very valuable 2 short magnets are sometimes seen with pickup... Seth connected two single coil predecessors to PAFs ) today after 1947 is considered the `` L '' shaped marks... That ’ s where your Gibson serial numbers vintage Gibson guitar Pick 1940 's impressed logo Guage. Front of the guitar 's `` baseball bat '' style a deep red inside on orange oval label number. Staining was done with water based aniline dyes directly on the side of the other 4.5k ohms for. Late 1930 's popping out during string changes seen on ES-300 model 1940-1942... Uses white Nylon saddles instead of steel screws nickel cover, short magnet, PAF style bobbins ( `` in! Tend to have some fairly serious cosmetic flaw silicone has cured, the stop tailpiece setup the... The stamped-on serial number, A20001, was assigned to an injection molded styrene pickguard that cheaper. The tooling marks ( circled in red ) where the `` L '' toolmarks are present! Shaped like a tanned California Girl ), varies by model: 1928-1934 1932. There is just no need for this, and someone dropped the pile on the Tunematic bridge `` with ''. Plate was totally different, depending on the bottom of the M69 may be sanded on hum! New Listing vintage 1960 's, and you can see the color of the two pickup bobbins magnetized poles not.
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